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Welcome to Coding by .. well me! If all goes as planned (that is if I don’t forget all about this) I’ll be sharing my experiences with programming-related topics here. I’m a student at Linköpings University in Sweden where I study programming. In the free-time I also fumble my way through Ruby on Rails which I’ve grown very fond of after two courses of “regular” Ruby. In one course we wrote a (very) simple programming language, Dunder. Compared to PHP, which I’ve also spent a lot of time on, Rails is much more pleasant to work with.

I’ve started this blog in time for my first Macbook Pro which will hopefully arrive any day now. I’ll probably make a post about setting up a Ruby on Rails enviroment under OS X soon after my MBP arrives. I plan on documenting other interessting (and maybe not so interessting) things I bump into while getting used to OS X.

Comments? Questions? @bjorngylling